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Care Guide Services works as a personal health navigator supporting returning citizens with an integrated link from health coverage to health care.


A Letter from Greg Town, CEO of Care Guide Services, Inc.

After working 39 years, I have learned that for me it is more rewarding serving others especially those who are underserved than “chasing a dollar.”  I believe in redemption and that is where our mission begins.

Care Guide Services works as a personal support health navigator providing returning citizens an integrated link from health coverage to health care.  This is the key to building a healthier future.

The linkage from health coverage to health care has typically been managed separately if handled at all.  This has created a huge disconnect that we correct. If done right, amazing results can be achieved.

Evidence-based studies have shown that individuals who have been incarcerated have significant health care needs and face multiple barriers in obtaining health coverage and health care.  Many returning citizens struggle to understand their options and need assistance.

We have a very simple solution that engages the Returning Citizen before and after their release from incarceration.  No one organization can do it all, but by working together with the common goal of helping Returning Citizens, we can reduce their health risk factors and increase their independence.

We look forward to serving your Agency and Returning Citizens.

Stronger together,

Greg H Town, CEO


Building Trust

Building relationships through trust with people, communities, and organizations is the touchstone of everything we do.


We are open to sharing, receiving feedback, having open lines of communication on our experiences and accomplishments.

Building Trust

Taking part in our community, shared conversations, connecting with others, and working together to achieve common goals is our approach.

Being A Resource

Providing guidance, support, and solutions in our priority.


We believe in the dignity of every person and take great pride in serving diverse and inclusive communities and organizations.


We provide an empathic ear, listening to those who are in need, and practicing the “Golden Rule.”

Program Features

Our program is unique and easy to implement. Key program features include:

  • Evidence-based program effective in positively impacting a returning citizen’s health.
  • Integrates into existing agency workflows requiring minimal effort.
  • Intrinsically reinforces prosocial behaviors and support networks.
  • Leverages federally funded resources; Affordable Care Act, Medicare, and Medicaid.
  • Utilizes Continuum, a proprietary software linking coverage to care.
  • Provides ongoing customer service after initiation.
  • Provides aggregate data and reporting on demand.

We Act As A Personal Health Navigator

  • Medical Services- Primary Care, Specialists, and prescription coverage.
  • Mental and Behavioral Health and Rehabilitation services.
  • Access to low-to-no cost health insurance.
  • Guidance and access with healthcare financial assistance programs.
  • Support in accessing care as health care needs and residency change.

Health literacy is vital to improving one’s health. Our Health Education Literacy Program (HELP) is a free program specifically designed to educate Returning Citizens and their family members.

Our innovative program breaks down volumes of complicated health coverage to care information into easy to understand one to two minute “bites” via any mobile device. Our HELP Learning Management System is accessed by the clients on a voluntary basis.
Topics include:

1) What is Health Insurance?
2) How Does Health Insurance Work?
3) Why Should I Get Health Insurance?
4) Can I Afford Health Insurance?

In addition to HELP, we offer Personal Health Care Navigators who can assist clients with their coverage to care questions. Our services are provided in both English and Spanish.